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FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc. (FLT)

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  • S
    $FLT.CA Buy at this Dip.

    Highlights from the C.E.O.
    minutes :
    “Number of large unnamed projects that we hope to close in the very near future – expected this month as well. So a number of commercial opputunities.”
    Video Robin - test range 100 acres north toronto
    In conversation with all big retailers – hope to have announcements in the next little while
    Priority – in canada, number of large customers which we work to bring the finish line, so you will see announcements on those
    - Generating revenue in canada
    - Finanlizing testing condor and robin
    - Certainly internationanly expansion usa and europe, india, africa

    “We are very close on a number of LOIs being converted to a definitive agreement and we would certainly announce those and as I mentioned there are some companies that we are not previouisly named or named LOIS with and expect to bring the finish line, I expect in very short order, likely this month but any case in short order. Stay tuned, watch our press releases”.
  • T
    The CHAMP is in!
    $FLT.V conversation
    Love this company and everything they're doing for drone technology. It's a matter of when not if this explodes and we start seeing DDC everywhere from transporting medical supplies to delivering pizzas. Happy Monday folks. #LongliveDDC #TAKOF #FLT
  • T
    The CHAMP is in!
    Drone Delivery Canada Corp.
    My father, The CHAMP sr has been around the block a few times and one stock he recommended to me was $flt.v. I have heard nothing but great things about this company from him and I decided to invest it in. This stock could very well see 5-7 dollars in the near future.
  • D
    Daddy Pancake
    Good day! Glad to have bought in when I did. Keep pushing tomorrow bois and gals. This company is worth way than $DFLYF and $FLT.V. They have to oursource their AI, $PLRTF makes their own AI. This is easily $3/share, probably even $5-20.

    And that’s before they could secure contracts with government entities for airport security, hospitals, military, space tech, delivery services, etc. Less go!!
  • B
    What the h ell?
    11 new 52-wk LOWS in S&P 500, incl:
    Disney $DIS
    ViacomCBS $VIAC
    Activision Blizzard $ATVI
    T-Mobile US $TMUS
    Bristol-Myers Squibb $BMY
    Cummins $CMI
    Citrix $CTXS
    PayPal $PYPL
    Western Union $WU
    FleetCor Tech $FLT
    MarketAxess $MKTX
  • G
    $DMGI.V conversation
    My Canadian Story: I have a FARM and a HUT.. There is also a Bee HIVE that makes me money.. I also have BLACK BERRIES which I don't want to sell now. Passing my time with watching the SCORE and flying DRONES. Like everyone I want to keep WELL but there are times I take my VMC vehicle to go to CBDT Clinic.. Life is full of hopes and let's see what these investments will bring me in return.. :)

  • m
    What you guys think about they competitors :

    $FLT potential
  • G
    $DMGI.V conversation
    Shorts will borrow your share at a higher price, sell it then do all the nasty work to make the SP go down, then buy back the shares again for a lower cost and return it. This is how they make a living. I own $DMGI $HUT $BITF $HIVE $FLT $CBDT and these shares been heavily shorted. I have made a Sell-order for each of my shares (100$ a share locked for 90 days). This will avoid your institution taking your share and giving out to short. Let's give the shorties a hard time and keep our SP go up. GLTA.
  • S
    $UAVS conversation
    Great news for the future of the drone industry - apparently one of the Apple founders, Steve Wozniak, is buying thousands of drones for drone classes at schools across America.
    #EH #FLT.V #DFLY
  • M
    DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc.
    just jumped on this. like the long term potential just like my baby $FLT. leggooo
  • S
    $DFLY.CN conversation
    My TOP 20 HEADLINES for DFLY since last Earnings Report:
    This month; Draganfly Enters Agreement to Advance UAV Delivery Technology
    This month; K-12 Education Program Partnership via Steven Wozniak
    This month; Limitless Integrations Onsite Detection Program (Contract)
    This month; Dragonfly and Windfall Geotek Land Mine Detection (R&D)
    This month; Talladega Collage Vital Intelligence (Contract)
    Last month; Barret-Jackson Auction Selects Draganfly (Contract)
    Last month; 517 Groups Hospitality and Entertainment Service (Contract)
    Last month; Engineering and Development Services Air Defence (Contract)
    2 months ago; Dragonfly Begins Process to List on NASDAQ
    2 months ago; Knightscope to Integrate Vital Sign Screening (contract)
    2 months ago; Draganfly Issued New Delivery Drone Patent
    2 months ago; SWAC uses Vital Intelligence Tech (Contract)
    2 months ago; US Dept. of Agriculture Selects Draganfly (Contract)
    2 months ago; BFL Live on UFC Vital Intel. (Contract)
    2 months ago; Dfly Selected to Develop Vaccine Delivery (Contract)
    2 months ago; Alabama State University Safety Protocol (Contract)
    3 months ago; Alabama State Senate to Take Delivery (Contract)
    3 months ago; Loop Insights to Integrate VIT for… (Contract)
    3 months ago; Adorama Joins Draganfly Dealer Program.
    3 months ago; Keto Holdings Joins Reseller Program
    3 months ago; Coldchain Technology partners with Draganfly
    3 months ago; Dfly Announces Record Revenue and Gross Profit
  • R
    Haha just wait.. large American investors are all over $FLT right now. It’ll pass DFLY shortly ✔️
  • A
    Drone Delivery Canada Corp.
    Great recent news video giving insight on the opportunities $FLT.V has in store.
  • F
    Tony on Twitter 15 minutes ago: Drone Delivery Canada will be on @citynewstoronto tomorrow. Tune In. $FLT.CA $TAKOF
    #drone #dronedelivery #savinglives
  • R
    If you want a real investment ** $FLT will far surpass this company by years end ⛵️
  • T
    The CHAMP is in!
    $GME conversation
    $FLT.V is a better bet with your money to be honest guys. Drone delivery is the future.
  • D
    $THRM.V conversation
    $THRM is a great company, you should also check out $FLT, on the move too
  • G
    $DMGI.V conversation
    Easy bounce back.. Been there many times so no worries... $HIVE, $FLT, $CBDT and $DMGI are the 4 shares that are currently under valued & I trust that will go up in time.
  • D
    $EGLX.TO conversation
    I hold 3 canadian small cap/venture stocks in my portfolio and all 3 have absolutely been crushing it, with Enthusiast leading the charge. What a steal now when I originally started buying in the 1.50 range. I felt strong about this company back then ( I have posted about this company on this board last spring) and feel even stronger now. This thing is a straight line up!!
    BTW, my other 2 companies, $FLT.VN and $XBC.TO, which coincidentally, the latter just graduated from Venture to TMX a couple of weeks ago.
  • V
    In on this as well as $ $dfly $uavs