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FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR)

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    Been doing my DD on it. Here is the summary followed by my price prediction: They were created through a company which was working in Israeli homeland security specializing in surveillance systems and now this company have contracts with a biggest Israeli defense company Elbit systems. If they can get contracts from World’s most sophisticated military and defence organizations, there is no doubt their tech is cutting edge. $Flir chose them as partners coz they see potential! $flir is multi billion dollar company specializing in thermal vision cameras. Flir recently is building thermal cameras for Amazon’s autonomous vehicles called ZOOX. There is a speculation that FRSX is working with FLIR for this. Not only that FRSX has received prestigious industry gold standard awards which makes it easier for AV companies to select them as their vendors. That’s why, they’re now involved in pilot projects in Japan with top multi billion vehicle manufacturers like Toyota and Mazda (speculation on the names). Their subsidiary in rail vision tech received orders from renowned German rail industry leader Knorr-Bremse this rail vision systems would be the next big thing. For financials, FRSX recently raised 26 million USD cash in DIRECT offering. Now, their balance sheet is much more stronger creating huge growth potential. Hence, my analysis predicts it should be 300$+ before the end of this year.
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    FRSX is partnered with $FLIR and FLIR is providing thermal imaging cameras for $AMZN autonomous vehicle ZOOX. That means there could definitely be a present or future connection of FRSX with ZOOX! If ZOOX used FRSX software and FLIR cameras; we are going to 1000$ per share.
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    First Majestic Silver Corp.
    @Julian....discussed #FLIR with one of my sons last year. He said anyone in military familiar with their gear and it's top-notch. On my watch list and up good pre-market. Maybe because of M&A in defense space past week. Not recommendeding, just to look at it. Maybe something in new military spending bill (veto?) that somehow benefits them directly?
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    $NEM conversation
    What a nice start for Newmont Mining (NEM) into the new year 2021:
    Best returns in S&P 500 for 1/4/2021:
    1. FLIR Systems $FLIR (19.19%),
    2. L Brands $LB (6.48%),
    3. Newmont $NEM (5.44%).
    Average return to all stocks in the index was -1.54%

    => Massive sector-rotation is happening (massive inflow of money into gold and gold mining stocks will lead to a strong uptrend / inflation is heating up, plus several political and economical catalysts for higher spot gold)
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    $DAL conversation
    $DAL $IDEX $MARK $DGLY all have good news and all will keep growing. also $FLIR is a game changer ;) YOU'RE WELCOME
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    $TSNP conversation
    $TSNP merger to HUMBL to become the UNICORN 🦄 of the market. PayPal BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTO at 17 cents

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    $FRSX conversation
    Company Tweet minutes ago: - Numerous accidents show that #autonomousvehicles need #thermalcameras.
    $FLIR and $FRSX have partnered to bring reliable and durable thermal cameras combined with advanced #AI and algorithms capabilities that meet the autonomous vehicle requirements.
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    The Stock Market has been tanking but I have been making money during this and know I’m not some fake money pumper. The stocks are likely going to continue to go down probably to 20,000. Be ready at because when the stocks start going back up buy buy buy. But don’t get to happy we have a long time in till this all ends. Any way here are the stocks I have been buying

    Made 6k today last week made 20k
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    Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.
    Reports: Senate near two-year budget deal with higher defense spending $LMT, $KTOS, $TDG, $BA, $NOC, $HRS, $RTN, $UTX, $TXT, $LLL, $GD, $FLIR, $COL
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    $MARK conversation
    I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up at the same price range as $FLIR!
    What do you guys think
  • A
    $DDD conversation
    Steven, little boy blue!

    I know you are bitter considering this isnt your only failed investment.

    How's your FLIR investment doing? I believed you said a day or two ago it would hit 50 and look at it now. What 36.40 or so.


    A stock picker you are not. I suggest you seek help from a financial adviser and then have your mom take control of your budget.

    $FLIR conversation
    50 seems realistic. But could go a lot higher. (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!)
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    reality check entertainment
    why spend $30something on $FLIR when you can by almost 30 $MARK for the price of 1 right now?
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    $FLIR conversation
    Short this dog.