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FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR)

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  • A
    $DDD conversation
    Steven, little boy blue!

    I know you are bitter considering this isnt your only failed investment.

    How's your FLIR investment doing? I believed you said a day or two ago it would hit 50 and look at it now. What 36.40 or so.


    A stock picker you are not. I suggest you seek help from a financial adviser and then have your mom take control of your budget.

    $FLIR conversation
    50 seems realistic. But could go a lot higher. (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!)
  • j
    $DAL conversation
    $DAL $IDEX $MARK $DGLY all have good news and all will keep growing. also $FLIR is a game changer ;) YOU'RE WELCOME
  • C
    $FRSX conversation
    Company Tweet minutes ago: - Numerous accidents show that #autonomousvehicles need #thermalcameras.
    $FLIR and $FRSX have partnered to bring reliable and durable thermal cameras combined with advanced #AI and algorithms capabilities that meet the autonomous vehicle requirements.
  • J
    The Stock Market has been tanking but I have been making money during this and know I’m not some fake money pumper. The stocks are likely going to continue to go down probably to 20,000. Be ready at because when the stocks start going back up buy buy buy. But don’t get to happy we have a long time in till this all ends. Any way here are the stocks I have been buying

    Made 6k today last week made 20k
  • d
    Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.
    Reports: Senate near two-year budget deal with higher defense spending $LMT, $KTOS, $TDG, $BA, $NOC, $HRS, $RTN, $UTX, $TXT, $LLL, $GD, $FLIR, $COL
  • j
    $MARK conversation
    I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up at the same price range as $FLIR!
    What do you guys think
  • r
    reality check entertainment
    why spend $30something on $FLIR when you can by almost 30 $MARK for the price of 1 right now?
  • F
    $FLIR conversation
    Short this dog.