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Fiserv, Inc. (FISV)

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    Fiserv, Inc.
    This stock never goes lower. I know what I am holding. I will make all back from here. Not selling for cheap. $FISV $VENA
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    Fiserv, Inc.
    I'm not sure when the squeeze will be, but with all the volume and high interest keeping $FISV $VENA
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    $FDC conversation
    I own First Data shares, but wondering if it is worth holding for up to ten months at this price to get $FISV shares? Don't know much about Fiserv, any insight?
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    $FISV conversation
    Do the math everyone $FISV is bigger than PayPal and SQ by nearly 1/3rd. If you aren't buying into this with a portion with stocks or long options you need to find another day job.
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    $BFT conversation
    It’s hard for me to see where this can go wrong. Is the risk to reward really this attractive?!?

    The only argument I hear about this stock in the near term is that people say, “All SPAC’s drop after the merger is complete.”

    The problem I see with this way of thinking is that BFT has already corrected BEFORE the merger (due to the macro environment we are in). Whereas most SPACS have a huge run up before the merger, and then correct AFTER the merger. Because BFT has already corrected from its all time highs it hard for me to see the stock dip even more post merger.

    Also name me a SPAC that is generating positive EBITA prior to merging.... I’ll wait.

    Maybe we could see a small dip in the next moth or two, but it’s hard for me to not see PSFE be ATLEAST a $20 stock by year end which would be a little more than a 30 % increase. This is quite conservative, but it is a return that I’m fine with for the next 1 year (I plan on holding for at least 3 years BTW).

    EV / EVBITA $PSFE is the cheapest fintech out there right next to $FISV

    Both have an EV / EBITA multiple of 16 based off of 2021’s earnings. I think PSFE has more growth potential though.

    These numbers can be found on slide 48 of there investor presentation.

    What do you guys think? If any of you guys have a bearish argument I would love to hear it!
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    Fiserv, Inc.
    Time and price of execution is determined by the market maker $FISV $VENA
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    Rakuten, Inc.
    rakuten is also my bad investment. my position is right here. All my other investment fly like # Mrna
    #dis #fisv. #bynd
    I feel this stock is like pcg, fxcm. moment trade. cannot do long hold.
    need a lot of trading trick. This moment, I still suggest hold. Sell around 1100 to reduce position gradually.
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    Fiserv, Inc.
    think they have it in the bag $FISV $VENA