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Endeavour Silver Corp. (EXK)

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    The fact that Robinhood limites the buying to 5 shares a day for AG, says a lot!

    In fact, Citadel is an important client of Robinhood.

    Robinhood is a platform free from commission for retail investors, but Robinhood gets payments from Wall Street companies like Citadel for the information Robinhood gets from the investment statistics on the Robinhood platform!

    And Citadel was the saving angel of Melvin Capital, one of the shorters on GameStop!

    Just continue to buy silver related shares and physical silver as a souvenir (meaning buying physical silver to never sell again!)

    Note: I'm a long term uranium bull with some silver positions

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    First Majestic Silver has an online Silver Shop too!

    Hi everyone,

    I bought physical silver +-36h ago.

    I looked back today and everything is sold out from 10gr to the 15kg bars. Everything is sold out.

    I hear the same about other places in the world.

    BUT First Majestic Silver (AG) has an online silver shop too. And there you are at the source.

    So if they run out of stock in their silver shop at a certain point, just try again each following day/week, because they actually mine silver, so if the stock of their shop is empty they will restock it with new silver mined in the coming days/weeks...

    So a suggestion:

    - buy a bit of AG shares if you belief in the company and believe the silver opportunity in the near future (or EXK, ELEF.TO, ...)
    - and buy a bit of physical silver as a souvenir, meaning buying physical silver to never sell ever again!
    - and/or buy some PSLV (Sprott Physical Silver Trust)

    Note: I'm a long term uranium bull with a couple of silver positions.


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    $AG conversation
    Wallstreetbets WSB talking about how big banks have been manipulating gold and silver miners for decades. Selling paper gold & silver to offset the price. STOP gold and silver price suppression by bullion bank practises, short selling in order to drive down the price is not fair & should be banned now.
    Suppression of the gold & silver price is not just a conspiracy theory. It's a well-documented phenomenon, with real actors and real ramifications. The FED has little room to manipulate interest rates and the market is beginning to realize that this is the end of the manipulation of gold and silver.
    With the removal of the uptick rule, banks and big institutions could short the gold and silver markets without the ability of buyers to get out of a position. By selling short on the paper market, price discovery got skewed far below where the real price should have been. GLTA Hope we will see free and fair market prices one day in precious metals stocks like $AG $PAAS $MAG $FSM $EXK Barrick $GOLD $GPL $NEW $MUX $AEM and many more ... power2thepeople, GLTA united forces with $GME $NAKD $BB $AMC ...
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    Let's see how much physical silver is really available out there ;-)

    If all silver bulls buy a bit of physical silver as a souvenir, meaning buying silver to never sell ever again!

    While Apple, Tesla and the renewable energy sector needs physical silver to produce their product.

    Then this price manipulation will break!

    I don't see those companies produce their cars, phones, solar panels with a silver promise (silver paper)

    And you don't find a substitute to silver for the industry overnight ;-)

    So suggestion for all the silver bulls:

    To each silver bull,

    Spreaded over a couple weeks each silver bull orders 5 to 10oz of physical silver, or like I did buys 1kg of physical silver (2x 500gr = 2x 17,64oz)

    What is the cost of 5oz (165$) and 10oz (335$) with a premium compared to the gains you will make on your silver company positions if the silver shortage becomes clear in the market?

    Continue to place orders for physical silver (You don't care if it's only deliverable in 15 days from now) ;-)

    The real impact will be obvious in a couple weeks/months from now when the industry starts to look for additional physical silver.

    End March 2021 could be very interesting.

    A real Silver bull has patience, isn't it?


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    $AG conversation
    Endeavor Silver Corp $EXK withholds #silver and #gold inventory from the market until prices improve.
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    $NUGT conversation
    Listen to billionaire PM investor on Sprott Money News podcast today's show Sept 27. "This down week for PM's is related to market rigging for Q3 end and weekly option expiration. "
    The FED and other central banks cannot stop printing. QE to infinity means HARD ASSETS like gold and income property are the best hedges against inflation. Full stop! Own PMs, income property and well-run miners to beat the system.
    Former gold trader on CNBC recommended $NEM as his best buy today "gold is going to have a big week next week"
    Gold to $1,700 & silver to $20 within 60-90 days. $NUGT $EGO $EXK $PAAS $SIL $USLV $CDE $GOLD $PVG $SAND $SPOX
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    $IAG conversation
    may june july august big strong months for gold/ silver and other precious metals Mining shares will move up nicely $IAG$GSS $GORO $GAU $HMY $BTG $GOLD $EXK $NGD $EQX
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    I bought 500gr (17,64oz) of physical silver for the cause a couple hours ago.

    In the long term I'm covered with all that money printing

    I'm an uranium long term bull that has some positions in silver companies

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    The action on GameStop:
    - learned a big portion of new investors what can happen when shorters are cornered;
    - has changed the view of a large portion of the people: "So actually it's possible to win from big professional investors if we, retail investors, work together"

    Don't underestimate this.

    The group of investors active in precious metals like silver has a much bigger firepower then a crowed of very young investors having very small positions on Robinhood.

    Those young investors as a group have an important impact, we saw it with GME, and they will have an impact on Silver too, but the impact of that other group of investors in precious metals since long have much more firepower (and knowledge about the Silver market)

    Just do the math and hold on to it.

    A suggestion:

    - buy a bit of AG shares if you belief in the company and believe the silver opportunity in the near future (or EXK, ELEF.TO, ...)
    - and buy a bit of physical silver as a souvenir, meaning buying physical silver to never sell ever again!
    - and/or buy some PSLV (Sprott Physical Silver Trust)

    Note: I'm a long term uranium bull with a couple of silver positions.

    $ELEF.TO ...

  • J
    The first thing to understand about First Majestic is that it's a primary silver producer, with approximately 70% of its 2021 revenue coming from silver (35% from gold) and pays an annual dividend equal to 1% of the company's net revenues. It has among the highest concentration of silver revenues compared to its peers Endeavour Silver (EXK), Silvercorp (SVM), Hecla (HL), Fortuna (FSM) and others. First Majestic's 2021 guidance is among the strongest in the silver mining sector as it expects to produce between 20.6 and 22.9 million silver equivalent ounces in 2021, of which 12.5-13.9 million ounces come from pure silver. $AG $EXK $SVM $HL $FSM $PSLV
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    Dear Gold and Silver investors,

    Sprott launched a new physical commodity trust 2days ago! And they already bought some of that commodity on their first day.

    Don’t rush into it. First take some time to understand why it’s such an interesting investment for the coming months and couple years, and when you are convinced you can start with a small position in that new physical commodity trust of Sprott.


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    $AG conversation
    I'm now holding 17 different stocks: #ABRA #AG #ASM #AYA #DEF #ELO #EXK #FMV #GATO #GGD #HL #KGC #KUYAF #MUX #SBSW #SCZ and #VGLD. 87% Silver 10% Gold 3% Platinum. 56% Majors 19% Mediors 25% Juniors. Good luck to all.
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    $NGD conversation
    When large institutional funds starts pouring in into the PM sector, we won't be seeing pennies uptick, instead it will be in dollars upticks daily on SP. Currently it is just some trickles, mainly on larger miners, then it gets down to mid-tier and junior miners. Get loaded up and position well. Gold bull market is just getting started. When "Extreme Fears" grips on the general stock markets, that's where all the huge money trails will start pouring into PM miners. NGD is going to keep on hitting on 52 week highs in the near term. Am long and keep watch on $NGD $EGO $AUY $EXK $PAAS. Silver miners especially EXK is breaking to the upside.
    Fear & Greed is CNNMoney's investor sentiment tool that comprises of 7 markets indicators.
    Fear & Greed is CNNMoney's investor sentiment tool that comprises of 7 markets indicators.
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    Time to Lock in Profits
    $SLV conversation
    If you like I have waited for 8 years for this rebound then don't sell now when we are on the cusp of a mighty victory.
    I told you a little higher and we will hit a tidal wave of buying by commercial banks short and hedge funds.
    Silver is very undervalued has not gained as everything else had. This is due to the banks shorting.
    A breakout in SIlver is an amazing thing to see and unfortunately many will miss it and say to themselves..
    What was I thinking ? When a pure troy ounce of Silver or Silver Eagle can only buy 1 pizza or 2 glasses of wine or 15 naval oranges or 1 week of Smart phone service or 1 lb of steak or 3 pounds of Hamburger....
    That is a bargain of the century and there is no downside risk here near multi year lows...
    Because everything else is inflated and the market of Silver is tiny it will only take a little more buying that is spurred by Gold gains to cause a massive short squeeze. I saw this with AMD stock which was shorted and at 10 12 14 the shorts were forced to cover and today it is 29.... Buy Physical if you can and hold hold hold for the big breakout over 20.00 per ounce. I think we are very close certainly in the next 9 days we will see 20.00 per ounce imo.. that is only a 25% move from here..
    WHen shorts are really scared and know there is not enough silver for them to buy back and close their positions silver can easily hot 30.00 or even 40.00 per ounce.. The ratio of Silver to gold is now at record highs approaching 100 ounces of silver or a big bar for the price of 1 ounce of gold. This ratio was 10 to 1 in colonial times 20 to 1 in the 1960's and 40 to 1 just a few years ago. In fact when Silver was 49 gold was 1900 about 20 to 1 so an reversion to this ratio back to even 50 to 1 would be 30.00 silver and thats very likely in the next few months...
    Hold hold hold and force a short squeeze ON THE CROOKED COMMERCIAL BANKS !
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    $EGO conversation
    The piranha banksters are on a gold feeding frenzy.
    All miners across the board shall post strong Q3 earnings and beyond 2019, 2020, 2021.
    The stock markets has the longest expansions for years, now the tides has changed.
    Across all mining sectors is a strong buy. (Hold your horses and don't sell too soon).
    $NGD $AUY $EXK
    Central Bankers' New-Found Love of Gold Seen Bolstering Demand
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    $AG conversation
    When Silver passed 28 yesterday, #AG was the best performer together with #GATOS and #EXK. Leaving the others behind. That is exactly what will happen when silver starts to explode. New investors will buy what they hear about, what they read about, what is the purest silver play. And that is AG af course. Do your due diligence. And diversify into several miners, into different localisations. Good luck.
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    Hi silver investors,

    This will sound familiar:

    Game, set, match!

    The last 48h Denison mines and Uranium Energy Corp initiated phase3!

    Denison mines announcing they will buy 2,500,000lb U3O8 (uranium) from the spot in the coming days/weeks

    Followed by Uranium Energy Corp announcing the same for 400,000lb + 800,000lb from the spot!

    Before that Yellow Cake already announced they would take +-3,500,000 lb U3O8 off the market too!

    Next: Big brother, Uranium Participation announcing the same as Yellow Cake, starting to buy additional U3O8 from the spot!

    Followed by the U3O8 spot buying from uranium producers Cameco, Orano, Kazatomprom,...

    To put those volumes in perspectif.
    That’s 7.2M lb U3O8 that will be purchased WITH PHYSICAL DELIVERY in the spotmarket, while the total annual volume traded in the spotmarket (mainly back and forth transactions WITHOUT PHYSICAL DELIVERY) in 2019 was 63.3Mlb.

    While uranium demand from utilities is price inelastic!

    I’m a long term uranium bull with some silver investments that I will not sell at the moment.

    I’m just pointing out at another big opportunity for those that have cash left and not knowing what to do with it.

    ==> Cameco, Uranium Participation, Yellow Cake, URNM etf, HURA etf, URA etf, Denison mines, Nexgen Energy, Energy Fuels, ...


  • F
    Looks like another buying opportunity for gold bugs tonight and Monday on the “(No Deal) Trade Deal” fake news SPY/QQQ pump. Then “turnaround Tuesday” gold and silver will resume the climb up to $1,600 & $20 on (not QE) QE! 100’s of billion$ in $$$ printing to keep the UST market solvent. Can’t print without inflating hard, finite supply asset prices, and we are going to print to the moon!
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    $SLV conversation
    This could catch on ---and become very interesting---
    Endeavor Silver $EXK $EDR withholds over 500,000 oz of their mined production #silver from the market. Anticipates higher prices.
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    $GPL conversation
    COME ON! GPL doesn't have to almost MIMIC TODAY'S GOLD AND SILVER MOVEMENT! Even at that, when they go down, GPL goes down BIG! When they go UP, GPL barely goes up! There is SOMETHING allowed to happen called MOMENTUM!

    Let's look at OTHER MINERS TODAY (and I think GPL has the most potential)

    TODAY GOLD: Up about 1.5%
    TODAY SILVER: Up over 2%

    $GPL UP 1.68%

    $EXK UP 7.28%
    $FSM UP 2.86%
    $AXU UP 4.45%
    $MUX UP 4.40%