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    $EXEL conversation
    When is GILD going to get off their a$$e$ and buy this sucker?
  • M
    $NOK conversation
    Some of you need to pull your head out of your a$$e& and take a look at the last 6 months on a chart and others need to realize you will always have someone who's sole purpose here is to create doubt.
    NOK Interactive Stock Chart | Nokia Corporation Stock - Yahoo Finance
    At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interaction and mortgage rates that help you manage your financial life.
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    $AMD conversation
    Amazing posts here tonight from AMD investors. Does AMD have chips for cars ? Will they anytime ? Hey, whens the next announcement ? Investors my ar$e !
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    $REFR conversation
    WANTED: CHUMP$ to help get more CHUMP$ out of the stock to BAIL them out of their MA$$IVE LO$$E$. Apply at siliconinvester REFR thread. Ask for AK
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    $IPCI conversation
    Have You Looked At The Analysts EPS ( Or In IPCI Case HLPI / HUGE LO$$E$ Per Share ) Recently ? N/A For Current Estimates Throughout !!!! Remember Just 100 Days Ago 2017 Was Supposed To Be $0.56 !!!! Now DOWN To $0.09 But I'm Expecting Some Red To Show Up Very Soon !!!! Reality Is Never Good To IPCI !!!! Don't Look At Management Effectiveness Stats Or Your Stomachs Will Turn !!!! Return On Equity = In Your DREAMS ;) !!!!
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    $AVXL conversation
    The science will win in the end. I'm really excited at the prospects for these patients. I have a neighbor that is in his 80's with a severe case of Parkinsons. It's turned into high degree dementia. He walks all over the place with no real destination except he thinks he's going home. I have another one just 3 doors down, 49 yrs old with beginning stages. It's a crippling disease with no discrimination. Shorts can bash all you want. This is the first time there's something real and our Gov't finally got off their A$$E$ and passed a bill that will help us. BIIB isn't testing the compound cause it's fun to do. I think this thing ends up in a bidding war before phase 3 starts
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    $IPCI conversation
    From The First Press Release :
    " To our knowledge, two companies have first-to-file status and may be in a position to launch on November 1, 2016, although we cannot be certain of that date. Our intent is to launch these strengths after FDA final approval following expiry of the other companies’ exclusivity period(s)."

    So 2 More Advanced Bigger Competitors Already Have Exclusive Rights On This Drug !!!! That Means IPCI Can't Even Start Selling Their Versions Until Way Into 2018 At THE VERY BEST If The FDA Even Gives Them Final Approval !!!! How Many More Competitors Will Already Be There With Approvals ALREADY BY THEN ? Hello ? Truth / Facts Are Making These Press Releases Sound Not Very Meaningful !!!! Look At What Happened To The 2 Focalin Doses With PAR / ENDO For A Clue As To How This Will Go Down !!!! THAT Was With Exclusive Rights On Those Focalin Doses TOO !!!! How Much Money Have They LO$T Since They Got Approval ? Its A HUGE Amount Of LO$$E$ !!!! Look At Revenues For Next Quarter Its Worse Than Last Year !!!! They Don't Have Anything To Sell Except The 2 Focalin Doses Which They Cannot SELL For A Profit !!!! This Is A CA$H INCINERATOR Company !!!!
  • D
    $YHOO conversation
    YHOO Email Held Hostage-Ransom/"554 Error Message"
    Email Held Hostage By YHOO-Ransom Demand: Anyone else have their email account flagged for "554" error, only to find they continue to receive email, they simply cannot reply, or send, email from their Yahoo account?

    I've noticed more and more Spam coming in, so I've changed my passwords, as recommended, only to find any email I tried sending on Labor Day was bounced back with some generic message about suspicious activity found on my account, then have NO WAY IN HELL to find a solution to the problem on their worthless webpage.

    I've noticed a lot of other users expressing frustration with the same problem, and no one seems to have found a solution, other than waiting for Yahoo Help to get their heads out of their a$$e$ and push the magic button to reactivate the account.

    Yesterday, Labor Day, I called Yahoo Help to address the issue, then was transferred over to their "Network" specialist to try and resolve the problem. The network specialist, John, went on the longest sales pitch to tell me, and showed me when he gained access to my computer remotely, how my IP address had been hacked by some geniuses in Nigeria and some other 3rd world, God-forsaken location, were active on my network and were the ones using my Yahoo email address.

    The information was informative, but John kept pressing the issue how I "needed" to protect my network before Yahoo will reactivate my email account. He went on to tell me I "needed" to subscribe to 1 of 3 services that provide an "IP Blocker," which will prevent the 3rd world'ers from gaining access to my network again. The "BEST" deal tossed to me was a "Lifetime" protection plan by AAKA for $500. WTF???

    I may have been born at night, but it sure as hell wasn't last night, so I told "John" I had a real estate appointment I had to keep in 10 minutes and would call back to "explore" the AAKA proposal.

    John wanted nothing to do with waiting, and told me he could install the program while I was away. I told him I wasn't comfortable leaving my computer open with him having access while I was gone, then proceeded to close our conversation, when I noticed John trying like hell to interfere with my keystrokes to close our connection. John actually tried accessing my HKEY command from the "Run" prompt, whereby I immediately hit ALT, CTRL, DEL to cancel John from pulling anymore stunts with my PC.

    My daughter-in-law is an expert in computers and contacted her immediately after the conversation with Yahoo and was told emphatically NO that I did NOT need to at $500 for IP blocker and the whole sales pitch was a SCAM.

    I called Yahoo back a little later, told them about my "554" problem, and was immediately told I needed to speak with "John" again. Spare me, Jesus!!!!

    I told John about my daughter-in-law's comment, and was then told Yahoo could reactivate my email account for a $100 "technician" fee. GFY, John, AND YAHOO!!!!!!!

    I've watched the absolute deterioration and destruction of Yahoo over the years and can't wait for Verizon to drop the axe on this worthless group of green cards, send them back wherever the hell they came from, and will transfer all of my email to Gmail.

    Those poor, incompetent CSR's at Yahoo must be really trying to destroy what's left of this pathetic POS.

    GFY and KMA YHOO
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    $REFR conversation
    No No No, not another year of REEFR lo$$e$
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    $NFLX conversation
    Disney+NetFLIX Partnership "MAKE$ SEN$E"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--
    Netflix is already a great friend of Disney, in fact, Iger has repeatedly acknowledged how they are in part responsible for Netflix’s success. Disney continues to sell more and more content to Netflix spanning movies and television series, while at the same time struggling to get their own direct-to-consumer content business off-the-ground in the UK.

    While we have been quite skeptical that ESPN can go direct-to-consumer, if ESPN were bundled in with Netflix — it would give Netflix the one form of content it does not have in its march to replace linear TV — “live sports.” Combining Disney and Netflix effectively recreates the best of the legacy video bundle, removes the distributor, packaging together great content with best-in-class technology spanning all devices consumers love to use. But the really exciting aspect for Disney, would be to bring in a visionary CEO, who understands the future of content and video programming in Reed Hastings. For Netflix, they get permanent access to the content creation of the world’s most prolific studio.
  • b
    $DRYS conversation
    OMG a brick just popped out of my Ar$e
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    $IPCI conversation
    Any Day Now !!! Right Pom Pom Waving Mindless Pumpers ? Only Wish I Had A $ 1 Each Time That Was Posted Here !!! Warren Buffet Would Be Jealous !!!! Did You Catch The Olympics ? I Saw Somebody Had A Share Of IPCI Stock Running After Usain Bolt To Make Him Run FASTER !!!! He HATES Huge LO$$E$ Or Being DILUTED & Deceived !!!! You Residents Of Fantasy Island aka IPCI Share Holders Are About As Sharp As The Nigerian CEO !!!!