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Duke Realty Corporation (DRE)

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  • R
    $DIR-UN.TO conversation
    Dream Office D-UN.TO owns DIR-UN.TO
    $373,258,413.18 worth of units @ $14.03/unit (May 6th).
    That is 1/3rd of the Market Cap of D-UN.TO is its ownership of DIR-UN.TO

    Dream Office owns 26,604,306 units of Dream Industrial REIT DIR.UN.TO
    DIR results were really good.

    Dream office has a 1.1B Market Cap, and $373 Million of that is Dream Industrial Holdings.

    Dream Office is a good arbitrage play to own Dream Industrial.

    Over 1/3 of the entire market cap of Dream Office (D-UN.TO) are holdings of Dream Industrial REIT units.

    BULLISH on both DIR.UN.TO and D.UN.TO.

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    $MNKD conversation
    Folks, $Dre has a cost average above $2. Does anyone care about this underwater long’s opinion? ...didn’t think so
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    $D-UN.TO conversation
    Dream Office NAV will increase ~81 Cents to date over last quarter, from Dream Industrial Investment Alone. Details Below:
    Dream Office Owns ~26,604,300 Units of Dream Industrial REIT.
    @ 13.27 Closing Price Today = ~$353,000,000 (Closed 13.15 on December 31st)
    @ 11.81 Closing Price Last Quarter End = ~$314,728,869
    NAV of REIT increased ~$38,270,000 just from the increase in Dream Industrial Units Owned. Not including Distributions received since last quarter from DIR Investment of $6,697,000, for a total of around $45,000,000 increase in NAV just from DIR Investment. Or around 2.87%. Which works out to about 81 cents per unit in NAV increase JUST from Dream Industrial Investment. NAV October 30th = $28.17 . NAV today = ~$28.98, and this does not include anything else, like FFO retention, Fair Value Property Increases (Contractual Rent Increases and Renewals), Buybacks, etc.

    Do your own research. I do not know if Dream Office Sold any units of DIR last quarter, but I doubt it was much, if any.

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    $IDEX conversation
    Ideanomics $IDEX subsidiary(focusing on real estate), Liquefy smart contract templates for different asset classes(something that is difficult to trade such as expensive stocks, real estates) converting illiquid assets into digital tokens (in a similar way of bitcoin or blockchain tech). Through its tokenization platform, illiquid assets can be traded on exchanges, have fractional ownership(for example you buy Amazon stock and real estate by fraction, make it easier to buy). The company’s primary focus is real estate. Related real estate Stocks($MOGO, $XLRE, $KIM, $NLY, $DRE, $PEI, $BPY, $SRG)
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    $DRE conversation
    Five, ten and twenty day short information for $DRE all put together
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    $DRE conversation
    Does anyone think we will get a .01, increase in the dividend??? If it happens, should be in the next 30 days.