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DocuSign, Inc. (DOCU)

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  • F
    $ROKU conversation
    Tell me which covid stocks end up good?

  • d
    Golden Path Acquisition Corporation
    waiting for earnings. $DOCU $GPCO $AI
  • M
    DocuSign, Inc.
    what is the point of investing if not the share price. Are you investing for altruistic reasons? The name calling just proves that you have no solid points to discuss. $DOCU $WIMI
  • e
    DocuSign, Inc.
    Hows this all working out for ya thus far? $DOCU $WIMI
  • T
    $TSLA conversation
    Cathie said Tesla would go for $3000, while dumping from 5,5 million to 2 million shares to invest in $HOOD $ZM $RUKO $DOCU $DKNG $ARKK
  • o
    $CMG conversation
    $DOCU -37% .
    $CMG day of reckoning will be here in Jan, 2022.
  • S
    $XELA conversation
    $docu revenue/earning compared to $xela revenue/earning. $xela should be atleast $20 ps
  • J
    After reporting earnings growth and profitability, $GPRO has quietly turned into a value stock while maintaining its growth prospects. With a meager 4.6 PE ratio, it’s a cheap way to tap into the growing cash flow stream.

    Compare with the recent disasters of $DOCU and $ASAN. Investors are losing patience with companies that never reached profitability and now face decelerating revenue growth too.
  • S
    $IBM conversation
    Those analysts who think IBM will underperform and $DOCU, $ZM, $TWLO, $CRWD will outperform are suggested to look at today's market and keep in their mind that for over 50 years, IBM has never been traded as badly as $DOCU. IBM is a safe heaven.
  • b
    $GTE conversation
    $DOCU ouch...Tech....One by one they all will fall
    Got oil?
  • j
    $DOCS conversation
    position yet but think this is getting confused for $DOCU or Docusign who is down 30% n poor earnings lastnight...OMG
  • J
    I believe in $DOCU and buy more whenever it drops
  • J
    $ADBE conversation
    Is it $ADBE follow the $DOCU path after earning?
  • S
    $DOCU conversation
    $DOCU, 210 Puts expiring 12/03 were +2655% worth today. whoever bought them must be lucky ones (1,218 volume in options)..
  • I
    $ARKK conversation
    I just came here to look after the big $DOCU drop. Never expected my $BABA investment to actually be doing better than $ARKK. This is hilarious.
  • n
    Very good close after hour. Expect an earning date ? Look at what $DOCU got. Put options are accumulated huge today. See you guys at $5. I will make a lot of money out of it. Currently 698% return - 67k usd ! 💎
  • N
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $LMND $WIMI 👏👏🔥The WiMi holographic team represented by domestic holographic technology has created the third-generation 6D light field holographic technology product through years of technical research and development, and its simulated user experience can be described as breathtaking. ❗❗🦄And WiMi announced the patent of holographic AR head-mounted display, by using retina scanning display (RSD) and semi-permeable membrane array planar waveguide technology.💰 $DOCU
  • b
    $ARKK conversation
    Another loser for Auntie Cathie, $DOCU! Well done! Just a 'normal' day in Auntie Cathie's trading life! It's 30% off now. Please buy more! LOL!
  • k
    DocuSign, Inc.
    a lot of bears and bulls here. Flat tomorrow unfortunately :( $DOCU $VENA
  • S
    $FOUR conversation
    Oh to be short on $FOUR and miss that beautiful short play on $docu, can buy more four with that short play :-)