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Danaher Corporation (DHR)

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  • P
    $SONA.CN conversation
    Okay golden opportunity here we can’t waste it.

    Someone needs to reply to Jim Cramer’s tweet, be creative but something along the lines of.

    Jim $Sona entered into a partnership with $ge life sciences in early March. At the end of March $DHR (danaher) purchased $ge for 21.4 billion. Division was renamed to cytiva. As soon as #donaldtrump realizes this is an incredible test to solve the pandemic we can get life back to normal.

    Make sure to use $ and # to get as many eyes on your tweet as possible.

    Thanks. I’m not a tweeter but this is very important. Monday will be a great day.

    (For those going to say oh blah blah what partnership blah blah you need to realize Cytiva invested 500 million over next 5 years to amp up their manufacturing)
  • S
    Smallcap Lover
    $GE conversation
    The unexpected $GE and $DHR deal is great for GE balance sheet. I have confidence in Larry and the long term potential of the company, good luck all!
    The healthcare sector’s performance is mostly driven by the rising demand for healthcare services and products. According to Modern…
    The healthcare sector’s performance is mostly driven by the rising demand for healthcare services and products. According to Modern…
  • K
    $SRPT conversation
    From ancient age:
    Brammer is $TMO, Pall is $DHR, Paragon is $CTLT

    "Thermo Fisher envisions 25% annual growth for gene therapy biz and no slowdown"

    Thermo Fisher 25% growth for gene therapy biz - Bioprocess Insider
    Thermo Fisher claims to be the “leading outsource provider of viral vector manufacturing,” nine months after the acquisition of Brammer.
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    $DHR conversation
    #DHR Rising with good volume. Technical indicators are looking bullish, according to stoxline. A break of 106 could move it up to 123.81.
  • Y
    $DHR conversation
    #DHR We may have here an upside runner to watch. RSI(14) stands at 50.95 with positive bias, according to stoxline. Looking for breakout at 102.37 with a short term target of 119.57.
  • R
    $DHR conversation
    this new format is soooo slow and awkward, that for the first time in 10 years, I am going to try google for my portfolio magement
  • M
    $DHR conversation
    I totally agree with RUSSK, I can't figure out where to find the things II used to look at!
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    Henry  O
    $DHR conversation
    Why is DHR stock off over $3.00 per share today, 4-20-17.
  • e
    What do you guys think about this stock??????
  • L
    $DHR conversation
    It is down $3.00 today in my opinion because 2.5% organic revenue growth isn't good enough. That doesn't mean that will be the long-term organic revenue growth rate, but that needs to pickup for Danaher, which has been an exceptional business.
  • a
    $DHR conversation
    UBIQ might be ready to run again. Pull it up now before it starts to rally