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Cronos Group Inc. (CRON)

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  • R
    Village Farms International, Inc.
    Rough day for the potstock sector.

    And yet, another day, another sector outperformance. An added bonus: Only 2.5 days left for shorts and hedge funds to cover their naked positions on the TSX.

    VFF went down 3.36% today compared to:

    $ACB down 3.54%
    $TLRY down 4.34%
    $SNDL down 4.81%
    $CRON down 5.26%
    $HEXO down 7.07%

    Stay strong Villagers! The best is yet to come!
  • T
    $TLRY conversation
    Florida is a medical cannabis ONLY state, last week the 653,651 qualified patients purchased 91,269 oz. of flower, 273,263,225 mgs thc oil and 4,537,950 mgs cbd from the 396 dispensaries in the state. The leading U.S. MSO has 112 of those dispensaries and cornered nearly 50% of the market. Each week the Florida Department of Health OMMU puts out a detailed report of weekly sales volume.
    Does Canada have anything comparable? #ACB #TLRY #CGC #CRON
  • S
    If $hexo $cgc $tlry $cron $acb are all going to bankrupt which company should we invest. I invested in all and all are down.
  • E
    $HITI conversation
    = bloated behemoths burnin' big bucks


    $HITI = Global eComm Empire

    - NASDAQ
    - 1 P/S in '22
    - <$300MM MCAP
    - 3M USA high LTV list
    - Self-made (beast) CEO

  • E
    According to earningswhispers site, $CRON earning date report is 7/12, while otherwise it seems this week. I looked for the report - I didn't find any. Was there any report, or the accurate date is realy 7/12?
  • J
    $SNDL conversation
    Another rug pull?

    Or will the hedge funds actually let the weed market run?

    I loaded heavy on $CRON and SNDL

    700 CALLS on CRON now!

    Come on baby! Make me a million:)
  • E
    $CRON is going towards 60$ thus year!
  • t
    $CRON conversation
    BIG Advantage for $CRON , Marlboro has the distribution networks already in place, Altria Has $ Billions For Marketing
  • C
    $CRON conversation
    7m7 minutes ago
    $CRON Today's filing by $MO would certainly seem to follow my postings on Fri-Sat that Altria is setting things up to make a complete buyout of $CRON by owning 55% of the company after the warrants are exercised. Hard to believe this will stay under $30 for long
  • P
    Poison Girl
    Morning investors. Here is a European outlook for the sector. Have a good week!
    Europe blooms to the world’s largest legal cannabis market
  • A
    Cronos Group Inc.
    $CRON has a great bullish chart, can't wait for this week!
  • D
    Dan L.
    $HEXO conversation
    Wow...what happens when the MORE Act passes this week and then it becomes obvious to even the most dense individuals that decriminalization and rescheduling is going to help EVERY cannabis company simply due to accounting advantages that become available....There will be volatility, but they're all going higher!

  • 3
    $CGC conversation
    You really have to wonder why a select few would write text after long texts of negative information about these start up companies we are all grown ups, we get the risk. I really hope they get these fraudulent short sellers..Freaking evil..Anyway $CGC, $TLRY, $CRON, $GRWG are going to start filling the long account with some major cash. 18-24 months they will be huge companies!! As far a day traders & short selling I wish you the best else where!! However the big winners will be the longs!!
  • d
    $CRON conversation
    Big Advantage for $CRON , Marlboro has the distribution networks already in place, Altria Has $ Billions For Marketing and The Advertising.
  • M
    Marijuana Stocks
    $CRON conversation
    Marijuana stocks have been trading in a relatively sideways trend, however a few cannabis companies are starting to go against this trend…
    Marijuana stocks have been trading in a relatively sideways trend, however a few cannabis companies are starting to go against this trend…
  • A
    Looking forward to playing the pot sector again 🔥 buy the rumour, sell the news again.... just like the run up for the CDN fed legalization back in 2017.... now we have the US voting on Fed legalization. Woohoo 🎉 Good times ahead for some of my favourites $TLRY, $ACB, $VFF, $CRON, $APHA 💃💃💃
  • a
    $ACB conversation
    Cowen Bullish On Aurora Cannabis, Takes Neutral Stance On Cronos $ACB $CRON
    Another update for longs. Opening over $8.00 tomorrow. Good luck shorts,
  • M
    Aurora Cannabis Inc.
    Three to five quarters from now most of my 11 MJ investments are going to pick up real speed. The day to day retoric is futile. Either you believe in the industry or don't. Sure, there are bad actors but don't be fooled. Time is the biggest friend to this new industry. If you can't afford to wait, you shouldn't invest. If you're looking for a quick buck, your time will come. $apha $hexo $nbev $cron $cbwtf $hrvsf , etc.
  • M
    MJ Stock Trader
    $TCNNF conversation
    Next week will be a major boost to the stock market and the $MSOS stocks and Candian LPs will benefit more than most (they have a high upside beta). I'm 99% confident that a stimulus deal will be announced next week (a small chance it happens the week after). But my guess is it becomes a "we want money in the consumer's hands before Christmas" announcement. Also, on Friday, Pfizer's vaccine was approved for US use - it will be the top news next week as story after story shows distribution and use. My guess is we see a 3-5% move to the upside for the cannabis sector as a whole the next two weeks. $GTBIF $CRLBF $CURLF $TLRY $CGC $APHA $ACB $CRON
  • M
    $ACB conversation
    -- 30 minutes ago --
    Cory Booker said,
    "An overwhelming majority of Americans support ending the national prohibition on marijuana. Today's vote in the House was a major and historic milestone in this effort. We must keep fighting until marijuana is finally legalized at the federal level."

    $CRON $TLRY $APHA $CANN $CODI $MJNA $TRTC $IVITF and all others I'm forgetting.