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Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC)

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  • P
    $TLRY conversation
    With New Year around the corner I see big rebound in the stock market.
    Pot stocks and most of the sectors have been down a lot this year but that will change in 2022..
    Patience is the key to success. $CGC
  • R
    Village Farms International, Inc.
    Well, that was vindicating! Another year, another outperformance with unmatched results. Officially, VFF outperformed $TLRY, $ACB, $CGC, AND $HEXO once again.

    Happy New Years Villagers! More to come in the New Year!
  • T
    $TLRY conversation
    Florida is a medical cannabis ONLY state, last week the 653,651 qualified patients purchased 91,269 oz. of flower, 273,263,225 mgs thc oil and 4,537,950 mgs cbd from the 396 dispensaries in the state. The leading U.S. MSO has 112 of those dispensaries and cornered nearly 50% of the market. Each week the Florida Department of Health OMMU puts out a detailed report of weekly sales volume.
    Does Canada have anything comparable? #ACB #TLRY #CGC #CRON
  • S
    If $hexo $cgc $tlry $cron $acb are all going to bankrupt which company should we invest. I invested in all and all are down.
  • O
    $ACB conversation
    3 days consistent green for #ACB and #CGC -- keep driving it up for the new year $$$
  • L
    Let the mother of all squeezes begin. DIAMOND HANDS 🙌 💎 $CGC $HEXO $ACB $MSOS $GME
  • K
    Tilray, Inc.
    Tell your friends it's time to buy. $CGC
  • R
    $VLNS.TO conversation
    Expecting a bounce tomorrow based on TA. We broke the 4 month downtrend on Dec. 6th. We bounced off swing high resistance and now are re-testing the breakout point with a bullish hammer candle today. Looks like a double bottom at around $3.93 which is exactly where we closed today. Big double bottom on the $CGC chart as well. $VLNS chart seems to be squaring up nicely. Just in time for the 2022 midterm elections in the US where Democrats will start promising things like legalization to pander to voters and attempt to generate tax money to pay for the BBB plan. Could be some catalysts coming and that could be why we are seeing the chart looking better - smart money starting to price in what's potentially to come. Still bearish on Valens mgmt, but getting more bullish on the chart and sector.
  • E
    $HITI conversation
    = bloated behemoths burnin' big bucks


    $HITI = Global eComm Empire

    - NASDAQ
    - 1 P/S in '22
    - <$300MM MCAP
    - 3M USA high LTV list
    - Self-made (beast) CEO

  • C
    On November 29 one trader bought a $750K lottery ticket that consists of December 17 put options ($9 $CGC; $8 TLRY strikes). The open interest stands out from the rest of the options for that date. Whoever wrote those puts is probably not going to let the share prices fall there by that date.
  • K
    Constellation Brands, Inc.
    amazing stock 52weeks high $CGC
  • N
    $CGC conversation
    This is a very attractive sale price.

    One can literally build a portfolio going heavy on only $CGC + $TLRY and make a lot of money swinging them all the way up !
  • C
    It’s pretty clear to me that what we’ve seen last week was a coordinated 5-day short attack across the sector. A lot of money must have been at risk in the options market. $TLRY $CGC
  • M
    Clever Leaves Holdings Inc.
    remember #CLVR is able to produce a gram , all in costs of .15. what! fifteen cents! enough said. even #CGC signed a contract with them for wholesale. #TLRY followed their lead in production out of Portugal... kyle is doing fine. management has everything under control.... lol
  • K
    $RWBYF conversation
    My Thanksgiving Table

    Did not believe $RWB had Platinum inside 344 Michigan Stores already and headed 480 2022 and 600+ in 2023 ……….

    All had been burned by $CGC and $ACB ………

    NONE had followed #SafeBanking and nobody believed Congress would be discussing next week ……….

    And SheetCoins down 10% ……..when money moves to Cannabis, and Michigan Warren Facility gets licensed , don’t be surprised at the POP next week
  • J
    $TLRY conversation
    TLRY is the no brainer buy here, $CGC is the second choice. $SNDL is the lottery pick. TLRY will generate the most profits when the total legalisation finishes sweeping the US and Europe.
  • G
    HEXO Corp.
    US Pot investors will come to Canadian Pot stocks as JP Morgan restricted trading for US pot stocks trading on OTC. Bullish for CDN Pot stocks trading on major indexes as they will generate more volume
  • L
    $CGC conversation
    It's ALIVE! It's ALIVE!

    Out of all the Canadian cannabis stocks...which one is most likely to get a short squeeze out of the renewed interest in the sector? Yep...$CGC. This is one to hold into the New Year. The political debate on legalization will really start kicking in after the Build Back Better legislation is finalized. Both political parties will want to be seen as the leader on's going to be a good show! Hang in there...don't try to time the only happen to win on timing through luck. $CGC is best positioned to enter the U.S. market..just look it up on that view.
  • T
    $TRUL.CN conversation
    Best case scenario IMO... #SAFEbanking passes and the #TSX opens up its doors first for MSOs. This means proxy plays like $TLRY and $CGC will continue to be locked out of the USA but MSOs will take full advantage of multiplied valuations with 🔥 volume $MSOS $TRUL $CURA $GTII $CL
  • B
    Tilray, Inc.
    Shorts are trolling hard for you to sell. Hold $CGC $HEXO $SNDL