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    Michael L
    $BIIB conversation
    Chart of $BIIB with the elusive Reverse Batman Head & Shoulders pattern. If Broken to the upside IMO $250 is possible on a 1-3 day spike
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    Cassava Sciences, Inc.
    Great Reddit Post:
    On Monday, June 7th, $BIIB announced FDA Accelerated Approval of ADUHELM (Alzheimer's medication, AD). The market cap went up to $17 Billion.

    On June 24th, $LLY announced the FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation of Donanemab (Another AD medication). The market cap increased by $15 billion. 
    If SAVA announces a fast-track process for approval of its Alzheimer's (AD) medication, assuming it increases by 15 billion (like lly), that would be an 8.5x move in ONE DAY!

    I'll explain why Cassava has an excellent chance at being fast-tracked (soon) but let me highlight two key points first:    

    1) The above catalysts were NOT FDA approval; They were announcements that FDA approval was fast-tracked.  
    2) SAVA's AD medication has achieved what BIIB and LLY can only fantasize about. It is far superior to both. I'll provide data for that to make it clear. 
    As the above is related to valuation, I'll throw in that you want to read more about valuation; see the Seeking Alpha article below. click on the link to finish reading.
    71 votes and 118 comments so far on Reddit
    71 votes and 118 comments so far on Reddit
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    $BIIB conversation
    $LLY news is GREAT news for $BIIB not bad news. The smoke will clear and we will be heading right back to the $400s

    Hedgefunds are loading here. I guarantee it.

    $BIIB: Cowen Upgrades To Outperform PT $450

    Atlantic Equities Upgrades to Neutral - PT $415

    Citigroup Upgrades to Neutral PT $440

    Oppenheimer Raises Target Price To $450 From $325

    Morgan Stanley Raises Target Price To $455 From $343

    Jeffries PT $500

    SEE U AT $600+💸✈📚📈📽
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    $BIIB conversation
    $BIIB bought a whopping $750 million worth of shares in the 3rd quarter👀, reducing shares outstanding by 6% & board authorized purchase of up to $2.8 BILLION worth of shares! Keep sleeping 😴 on these gift prices.💸🛒✈📈
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    Thank you FDA for early approval sNDA for $OCUL , next is sNDA for $AMRN , buyout could come early too from $BIIB $GILD. $MRK and $J&J
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    $AVXL conversation
    from private investor and Avxl blogger Peter Karol, hot off the press, a new article.
    his Conclusions:
    "In Conclusion
    $BIIB is picking and choosing studies and group of patients, and with the exclusion the fast and furious down the 6 feet down slide and at 3,285 patients much can be claimed.
    If the claim that the blinding of the study has been compromised and the fact that on qualitative and subjecive measures Aducanumab improved most the we can stipulate that the CDR-SB was affected by this.
    The improvement in MMSE scores puts in doubt the scenario of significant efficacy as applying the same criteria to Blarcamesine trial Phase2a gives 5 fold advantage over Aducanumab to Blarcamesine.
    The above point was made in face of assumed average initial MMSE score for Aducanumab of 27 point versus that of 22.5 for the Super Responders of Blarcamesine. Relatively healthy vs. Already diseased and rescued.
    Starting with almost healty subjects (MMSE scores 24 to 30) might distort the trial as the fast deteriorating patients are excluded and the duration is only 18 months. See illusration above.
    The incidence of ARIA still present vs. almost none on Blarcamesine side.
    Just another attempt to rescue the amyloid hypothesis for Alzhiemer’s on closer examination doesn’t hold water.
    The simplest expalaination of Aducanumab strategy is to remove the worst offenders and still compare to placebo arm containing those worst offenders but your claim rests on the fact that relatively healthy rest of the dosed arm do not start to deteriorate untill much later."
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    Senseonics Holdings, Inc.
    This stock is a gem at these prices.If you have done your due deligence.. Whatever the share price now is meaningless..Take a look at $Biib..Inspite of how controversial it's drug was,it got FDA approval..Sens product isn't new,it's just an update on it..It's already approved in the EU and it's in use..So approval is not if..It's only when...
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    $FDX conversation
    $FDX hit is 52WKLOW today!? revenue rose to 14% to $22 billion!! It's being treated as if revenues crashed!🤦 ABSOLUTELY NO WAY it stays this low for long. A MASSIVE DARK POOL BUY worth $53 million hit today. It's free money at $229 folks WATCH IT move at LEAST $10 by next Friday. Set it and forget it.

    $BIIB yesterday I told traders about the $48 million dark pool BUY, today it was 17 cents from breaking $300. $BIIB could be at $330+ by next Friday. HUGE NEWS BY FDA went unnoticed but it was MAJOR because it dispelled the NUMBER ONE BASH of $BIIB haters. FDA has officially added "Reduction in amyloid beta plaques" to its table of surrogate endpoints! Soooo WHY isnt $BIIB trading at $400+ today since the opposite sentiment that FDA shouldn't have approved it b/c it doesn't work crashed it? All the $BIIB should be handing under a rock🪨 right about now. THE GAME HAS CHANGED. BULLISH💸📈
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    How important is FDA approval?

    $BIIB jumped 60% at one point today, from $268 to about $430 (estimates, numbers not in front of me) on FDA approval for a new Alzheimer’s drug.

    FDA approval means EVERYTHING! When (🤞🏼🤞🏼) this 180-day receives FDA approval in the Fall we can expect the same reaction.
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    $VRTX conversation
    June is a very important month for $VRTX, $BIIB, and all biotechs. JPM's Kasimov's thoughts are here:
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    $AMD conversation
    Inverse relationship between AMD strength and $MU losses not surprising. The 1 year chart is almost a perfect inversion model. A mirror image only AMD is likely over 100% to MU's 85% decline. $INTC falls in a similar pattern though not as severe. Overall, AMD is holding up well with the China matter and I expect it will continue.

    $SNAP also holding up well in the tech sector for 2019. Evan Speigel doing what it takes to mold the executive team around his vision. Elon allowing buyout talk to help the stock isn't a bad strategy. Consider $TSLA a hold at this time.

    Washington will impact pharma greatly if it chooses to - I am betting for relative status quo and remain interested in the sector. For now, $BIIB and $JNJ are my only holdings. Both long term plays on strong balance sheets.

    My friends who played energy yesterday did well. I was still sidelined and will stay here until environment stabilizes.

    Your feedback has been constructive on most matters. Thank you.

    I wish all a great Memorial Day weekend.
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    $PTI conversation
    Researching Alzheimer's Disease, biotechs on the front line with potential. Some takeaways, 1st the unfortunate research results, then followed by those on the front line:
    - *Mar 23, 2019 · From 1998 to 2017 there have been about 146 unsuccessful attempts at developing drugs for Alzheimer's disease, according to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, or PhRMA*
    Biggest pharmas with Mixed poor or mixed Alzheimer's Disease results:
    - Feb 10, 2020: $LLY Eli Lilly Drops As Alzheimer's Drug Fails To Meet Primary Endpoint.
    - Dec 5, 2019: $BIIB, Is this Alzheimer's drug a breakthrough for millions? Company unveils mixed results.
    - Aug 2012: $PFE Pfizer, $JNJ J&J scrap Alzheimer's studies as drug fails.

    Smaller biotechs that are currently working on Alzheimer's Disease research, include in-part:
    - $SAVA Oct. 24, 2019: PTI-125 is Cassava Sciences’ lead drug candidate for Alzheimer’s disease. The drug targets both neurodegeneration and inflammatory components of Alzheimer’s disease. In a first-in-patient, Phase 2a study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), treatment with PTI-125 for 28 days reduced biomarkers of Alzheimer’s pathology, neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration, consistent with years of basic research and pre-clinical data.

    - $AVXL March 1, 2019, Anavex's announcements that its drug Anavex 2-73 induces autophagy has led to a renewed interest in the stock.

    - $PTI "Since aging is accompanied by changes in cellular protein homeostasis and an increasing demand for protein degradation, aspects of protein folding, misfolding, refolding and, importantly, protein degradation need to be linked to AD pathogenesis."

    Dec 17, 2018 "The network ensures that all the proteins within a cell make it to their final destination correctly folded and functioning as they are supposed to be. When this system becomes imbalanced, it can lead to a decrease in protein quality control. These diseases are categorized as “loss-of-function” or “gain-of-toxic function.” Loss-of-function diseases include cystic fibrosis. Gain-of-toxic-function diseases include Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

    "Under the terms of the Genentech deal, Proteostasis is eligible for upfront and milestone payments totaling over $100 million. They are also eligible to receive tiered royalties on any products that become commercialized out of the deal. Genentech will handle all further research and development expenses related to the program."

    ANY other biotechs of interest in age related diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease???
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    As a reminder $SGMO is partnered with
    1. $GILD in oncology
    2. $PFE in #hemophilia #genetherapy

    Also @mito_gene using #mtZFN to unleash #mtDNA #mitochondria enzyme defects.

    And ZFN2.0 is yet to be unleashed in gene editing

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    $BIVI conversation
    BioVie Announces Closing of Acquisition of BioPharma Assets from Privately Held NeurMedix
    BioVie, Inc.
    Fri, June 11, 2021, 5:00 AM·2 min read

    Company Expects to Commence Enrollment in Pivotal Phase 3 Alzheimer’s Trial in Mid-2021

    SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioVie Inc. (NASDAQ: BIVI) ("BioVie" or "Company") today announced the closing of its previously announced acquisition of the biopharmaceutical assets of NeurMedix, Inc., a privately held clinical-stage pharmaceutical company. The acquired assets include NE3107, a selective inhibitor of inflammatory ERK signaling that reduces neuroinflammation. It is an orally administered first-in-class small molecule that inhibits inflammation-driven insulin resistance and major pathological inflammatory cascades with a novel mechanism of action. There is emerging scientific consensus that both inflammation and insulin resistance play fundamental roles in the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, and NE3107 could represent an entirely new medical approach to treating these devastating conditions affecting an estimated 6 million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s and 1 million from Parkinson’s. The FDA recently authorized a pivotal US Phase 3 clinical trial for NE3107.
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    $SAVA conversation
    $BIIB (BIogen) which is also developing Alzheimer drug is $267. This should be at least $200 with it's Phase 3 Alzheimer drug development. Over $400 after approval.
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    $SAVA conversation
    $sava $biib who is better
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    $ACIU conversation
    AC Immune Initiates Phase 1 Study of ACI-3024 Small Molecule Tau Morphomer™, an Investigational Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease...Tau Morphomer™ is the focus of a partnership with Eli Lilly and Company $LLY, $BIIB, $JNJ, $PFE
    LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AC Immune SA (ACIU), a Swiss-based, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, today announced dosing of the first subject in a Phase 1 study of ACI-3024, a first-in-class investigational oral small molecule Tau Morphomer™ inhibitor that will be studied in neurodegenerative diseases that are characterized by the presence of pathological Tau aggregates. This is the first significant advancement in AC Immune’s collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company (LLY).
    LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 17, 2019 -- AC Immune SA (NASDAQ: ACIU), a Swiss-based, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, today announced dosing of the first subject in a.
    LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 17, 2019 -- AC Immune SA (NASDAQ: ACIU), a Swiss-based, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, today announced dosing of the first subject in a.
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    $IONS conversation
    Below Howie R posted on StockTwits, May 26th, 8:18 am:
    $IONS $BIIB “We think ASOs are the most advanced genetically based approach for targeting neurological diseases,”
    People who are on the forefront of applying RNA drugs for human clinical trials have all gravitated to IONS; Biogen, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Bayer, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) and many more. These companies are not blindly pouring in billions of dollars to IONS drugs, there are clear scientific reasons, they know better than us. Cranium, in his Seeking Alpha article explicitly detailed these, I've posted a number of messages on this board expounding item by item, why IONS approaches are superior.
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    $SAVA conversation
    On Monday, June 7th, $BIIB announced FDA Accelerated Approval of its Alzheimer's medication. The market cap increased by $17 billion! On June 24th, $LLY announced FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation of Their Alzheimer's medication. The market cap increased by $15 billion. Last Friday, Roche announced the FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation of its Alzheimer's medication. Its market cap increased by $13 billion. SAVA's Market cap sits at $2 billion. If the market cap increases by the Median ($15 billion), the SP will 8.5x. Oh, did I mention the above changes happened on ONE trading day? It did. Full post on FDA approval odds linked below.
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    $AMD conversation
    The bearish pullback on trade and Iran is waning. I sense optimistic sentiment returning and the strength of our economy being more fully embraced. Stalwarts like AMD will continue to thrive. The rapidly declining $MU and the now (surprisingly) low performing $INTC will have their reckoning soon.

    $SNAP has managed to harness optimistic view of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit this year. $TSLA has a much larger societal impact but hold as a speculative pick as many know.

    $BIIB remains a very good pick for long term hold. Immune from trade tariffs and we bought at the relative lows.

    Energy ($TVIX , $GUSH , etc.) have been painful for me. Analytics don't support outcomes and plan to sideline for a bit.

    It's a relaxing weekend. Little d eager to go for a bicycle ride. Enjoy your week ahead. I think it will be a calm and positive one for us.

    Ring a Ding Ding!!