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Bloom Energy Corporation (BE)

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  • S
    $GPRO conversation
    My plays I’m sticking with because they are working.

    1 Month Gains

    $BE up 55%
    $TSLA up 28%
    $GPRO up 26%
    $U up 25%
    $GM up 11%

    I think GM will catch a bit more of the TSLA autonomous EV heat and gain 50% soon

    GPRO had a great quarter and the best year since the stock IPO where it traded in the 80s. The Hero cameras being all over the top buys holiday list will keep that catalyst in investors faces with the sky being the limit since it’s been held down, forgot about, but almost everyone knows the name

    I’m programming with Unity right now any this is a game changer making it easier to program for the metaverse. This is the gorilla in the room with 50% market share.

    You can’t go wrong longterm buying Tesla. If you are down after a swing, just hold it longer and those gains will come.

    Bloom Energy’s is getting contacts after contact and is already the biggest fuel cell company. A few weeks ago before the big jump they got a 3 year contract valued more than their market cap at the time.
  • p
    Congress Will vote on Build Back Better act this week. Hope it passes so the hydrogen stocks can boom!

    $be $plug $fcel
  • p
    House passed $1.75T bill! Investments and partnerships with hydrogen and renewable energy will benefit tremendously from this!

    $fcel $plug $be $tsla
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    $BE conversation
    Here is current Price-to-Sales data:

    $BE: 5.8x
    $PLUG: Negative (not sure how negative revenue works)
    $BLDP: 51X (why this high on less than $100M in revenue, negative revenue growth, and negative EBITDA?)
    $FCEL: 33X (why this high on less than $100M in revenue and negative EBITDA? However, some of this may be justified with a 43% growth forecasted)

    $BE should be somewhere around 30X with 2022 going forward earnings and at least $2.5B in annual revenue.

  • p
    Why isn’t the market reacting to the push for climate action in Glasgow last week. It’s a major factor for future investments in hydrogen and renewable energy

    $plug $fcel $be $tsla
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    $PLUG conversation
    A lot of conversation here about the comparison of $PLUG and $BE market cap. Some argue they should be similar because of the shared relationship with SK (among other things). I would encourage those to consider Total Addressable Market or TAM - BE has a much narrower service/product offering than PLUG - therefore, if both of them achieved 50% of their target markets, BE would still be smaller than PLUG, by revenue and market cap.
    I am not bashing on BE (though I believe PLUG is better positioned) - both are going to do well as the markets rotate into this sector...
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    $GEVO conversation
    Good day considering the blood baths going on with the green alternative energy sector. Go See $FCEL, $PLUG, $BLDP, $BE, $BLNK, $BNGO, $NNDM, $ZOM, $OCGN, $WKHS. Been a long here (and most everything I listed) since $1.45 and still loving every minute of my position.
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    $BE conversation
    PLUG has amazing growth avenues with projected +60% 2022. Bloom will play a bit of catch up as the deals come in a with the deserved recognition. The 4.5 billion SK over the next three years alone will bring in 1.5 billion in yearly Bloom revenues. All fuel cell stocks are in for huge appreciation but I have my money on BE getting to a share price of 100 first fairly valued still behind the market cap behind the Wall Street favorite PLUG. This could happen sooner than you think possibly in the current squeeze.

    The reason for BEs outperformance is startling when looking at revenues compared to huge growth for all the fuel cell players

    2022 revenue projections vs market cap
    $BE 1.2 billion w/ 5.7 billion market cap
    $PLUG 0.8 billion w/ 21 billion market cap
    $BLDP 0.145 billion w/ 4.6 billion market cap
    $FCEL 0.12 billion w/ 2.93 billion market cap
  • l
    Best time to be alive # Best time to Buy more of this beautiful amazing Nakd Cenntro cheap stock #be smart
  • p
    $BE just got a great deal with SK. $plug had their partnership as well. They are both unique in their own technology and so is $fcel. Can’t wait til they announce a partnership of their own💪💎
  • p
    People talking about $fcel never making profits in its 20 years. It’s hydrogen people. It hasn’t been perfected anywhere so what makes you believe they should’ve made profits. It’s now that climate change is taken seriously and now that investments are being made into hydrogen. It’s now that $fcel $plug $BE and so on are getting customers. A good company is either growing or making profits, hydrogen stocks are growing. Don’t expect profits from innovation
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    $BE conversation
    Both $BE and $PLUG have a relationship with SK Energy which is huge. Seeing how much huger Blooms deal is for 4.5 billion over three years shows why Bloom is rocking. Over $100 per share for a comparable market cap
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    $BE conversation
    At least $BE finally is pulling extra deals and letting partners benefit on announcements like $PLUG has. Plug kept on doing it along with cash raises creating multi billions. $PLUG went from 25 million shares outstanding to 574 million in ten years. In the process went from 28 million in yearly revenues to around a half million. Diluting shares at a rate greater than creating a dollar of revenue likely with the plan to keep doing it. Wall Street loves PLUG and after a whole day of BE having greater volume PLUG is back to double the volume of BE. BE should be a hundred and PLUG should trade at a lower market cap if they can win the next popularity contest. BE has it for one day at least. Another positive was that the share price increased today even though volume was significantly lower.
  • R
    House expected to hold Build Back Better and infrastructure votes Friday

    Carbon neutral is our future! $FCEL $BE $TSLA $NIO $F $PLUG $AMC
  • M
    FuelCell Energy, Inc.
    hydrogen is key to future fuel. $FCEL $HYSR $BE
  • E
    $BE conversation
    $BE big news on FCEL today
  • W
    Wishy wish
    $X conversation
    See $BE with only 11% short interest what is happening..this got 19.5%.
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    $FCEL conversation
    Hydrogen stocks $FCEL $PLUG $BE $IDEX $HYSR all up nice today
  • C
    $FCEL conversation
    I kind of think the pop off the bottom for $FCEL, $BE, $BLDP, $PLUG was nice but probably needs to settle for a bit after day traders jump back out. Long but realistic. Denigrating the stocks because of natural action is counter-productive (unless you are a short, I guess).
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    $BE conversation
    $BE I see some discussion boards talking about insider sales on Feb 18. Here are some facts to provide some relevance:
    CTO sold ~6k shares, out of 632k shares that he still owns (sold less than 1% of his ownership)
    COO sold ~3k shares out of 132k shares that she still owns (sold less than 2% of her ownership)
    CFO sold ~8k shares out of 304k shares that he still owns (sold less than 3% of his ownership)
    GC sold ~3k shares out of 311k shares that she still owns (sold less than 1% of her ownership)
    These are minor transactions, and seem to be on automatic disposition schedules. The company management, as a major part of their compensation package, is issued employee stock options and other performance related stocks vesting. And these are set on auto sales schedules.
    Interestingly, Founder & CEO has not sold any of his positions, and has been accumulating since late last year.
    All in all, I see management fully vested in $BE's success...Stock will touch $20 level soon!