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    $BE conversation
    BE is approaching the Q4 release on February 10th. Listen to the Q3 conference call if you want to hear more about what may be the biggest quarter but furthermore the most eye opening yearly update in Bloom Energy’s history. The SK energy partnership with investment and innovation centers is huge. $BE will likely be working with $PLUG and many other SK partners catering to the right fuel cell technology for various applications. $BE $PLUG $BLDP and $FCEL are all trading at a big discount to where they were three months ago and the news of any will help the group appreciate. The Bloom Energy up incoming record quarter is one to watch. A major factor that separates Bloom from the pack on a company, not just technology basis, is how profitability cash flow are mentioned. Some fuel cell companies are putting growth first and the conversation about profitability behind a vail that will be unleashed after a few years more of high growth. Bloom is maintaining a projected 20-30% growth and maybe not to 60-70% of PLUG but as we should see in the Q4 conference projections that 20-30% will be much more reliable and beatable quarter to quarter for the foreseeable future. The SK fuel cell technology centers are a way to share and grow the strengths of partners enlightening technology without having to worry about IP being stolen.
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    $BE conversation
    $PLUG average analyst expectations are for revenues to grow this quarter by 67 million to 157 million and earn -$0.11 per share or loosing 63 million dollars in doing so with 576 million shares outstanding

    $BE average analyst expectations are for revenues to grow this quarter by 59 million to 308 million and earn -0.03 per share or loosing 4.4 million dollars in doing so with 148 million shares outstanding

    The two leaders Plug Power has higher revenue growth and Bloom Energy has higher earnings growth. 2021 priced revenue growth over earnings growth giving Plug Power a market cap of 11.27 billion vs Bloom Energy with a market cap of 2.67 billion.

    Feb 1st 2020 PLUG traded at $4.34 per share trading up to $19.73 yesterday
    Feb 1st 2020 BE traded at $9.07 per share trading up to $15.22 yesterday

    Bloom had higher valuations through early 2020 but Plug became favored since with growth becoming favored over value. Plug Power passed up the Bloom Energy market cap January 2020 when both had a market cap of close to a billion.
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    Every one #baby tesla#RELAX #be happy
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    $BE conversation
    $FCEL proves its shares to be nothing more than high priced turd paper and $BE which actually has something going on still only maintains half the valuation. Even $PLUG probably priced the build back better plan into expectations and far outvalues BE. Wall Street is a popularity contest and BE is highly average in it.
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    $GPRO conversation
    My plays I’m sticking with because they are working.

    1 Month Gains

    $BE up 55%
    $TSLA up 28%
    $GPRO up 26%
    $U up 25%
    $GM up 11%

    I think GM will catch a bit more of the TSLA autonomous EV heat and gain 50% soon

    GPRO had a great quarter and the best year since the stock IPO where it traded in the 80s. The Hero cameras being all over the top buys holiday list will keep that catalyst in investors faces with the sky being the limit since it’s been held down, forgot about, but almost everyone knows the name

    I’m programming with Unity right now any this is a game changer making it easier to program for the metaverse. This is the gorilla in the room with 50% market share.

    You can’t go wrong longterm buying Tesla. If you are down after a swing, just hold it longer and those gains will come.

    Bloom Energy’s is getting contacts after contact and is already the biggest fuel cell company. A few weeks ago before the big jump they got a 3 year contract valued more than their market cap at the time.
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    Congress Will vote on Build Back Better act this week. Hope it passes so the hydrogen stocks can boom!

    $be $plug $fcel
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    House passed $1.75T bill! Investments and partnerships with hydrogen and renewable energy will benefit tremendously from this!

    $fcel $plug $be $tsla
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    Why isn’t the market reacting to the push for climate action in Glasgow last week. It’s a major factor for future investments in hydrogen and renewable energy

    $plug $fcel $be $tsla
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    Best time to be alive # Best time to Buy more of this beautiful amazing Nakd Cenntro cheap stock #be smart
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    $GEVO conversation
    Good day considering the blood baths going on with the green alternative energy sector. Go See $FCEL, $PLUG, $BLDP, $BE, $BLNK, $BNGO, $NNDM, $ZOM, $OCGN, $WKHS. Been a long here (and most everything I listed) since $1.45 and still loving every minute of my position.
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    $BE conversation
    $BE I see some discussion boards talking about insider sales on Feb 18. Here are some facts to provide some relevance:
    CTO sold ~6k shares, out of 632k shares that he still owns (sold less than 1% of his ownership)
    COO sold ~3k shares out of 132k shares that she still owns (sold less than 2% of her ownership)
    CFO sold ~8k shares out of 304k shares that he still owns (sold less than 3% of his ownership)
    GC sold ~3k shares out of 311k shares that she still owns (sold less than 1% of her ownership)
    These are minor transactions, and seem to be on automatic disposition schedules. The company management, as a major part of their compensation package, is issued employee stock options and other performance related stocks vesting. And these are set on auto sales schedules.
    Interestingly, Founder & CEO has not sold any of his positions, and has been accumulating since late last year.
    All in all, I see management fully vested in $BE's success...Stock will touch $20 level soon!
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    $BE conversation
    $BE Great day today..decisively crossing the key $7.5 benchmark Shorts are fully cornered and they are going to feel the pain of interest losses and margin calls..
    Shorts didn’t see the sentiment shift coming on Fuel Cell energy / clean energy sub-sector in general, and $BE company in particular .
    They underestimated the loyalty of $BE long term investors.
    While this is far from celebration, we applaud $BE mgt and board to stay focused..and look forward to a spectacular quarter for the upcoming Feb earnings report .
    The stock will now rise to double digits - of course with daily ups and downs - but trend is positive and momentum too strong for shorts to come in the way!
    Thanks my friends here who believed in $BE stock and happy new year!
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    $BE conversation
    Here is current Price-to-Sales data:

    $BE: 5.8x
    $PLUG: Negative (not sure how negative revenue works)
    $BLDP: 51X (why this high on less than $100M in revenue, negative revenue growth, and negative EBITDA?)
    $FCEL: 33X (why this high on less than $100M in revenue and negative EBITDA? However, some of this may be justified with a 43% growth forecasted)

    $BE should be somewhere around 30X with 2022 going forward earnings and at least $2.5B in annual revenue.

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    $BE conversation
    Why the next qtrly call for $BE may bring us some additional positive upside..(and why your feedback here is important!!!)

    The next qtrly earnings will be Jeff Immelt's first one after joining the Bloom Energy's board..I expect a lot of fireworks as this is Jeff's moment to show to the world that he still has it...he is still relevant as a brilliant ,visionary exec..we all know after GE's stock a hit during and post Jeff's tenure as the CEO, Jeff's reputation did take take a hit too...
    I expect a huge $BE positive surprise and some change/momentum in their upcoming earnings call (see my other posts on mega-trends propelling $BE product demand) it is up to BE's management to execute properly. With Jeff's steady hands in the background and with his expertise and trusted relationships in energy sector and past clients and partners relationships - there should be a plenty of upside for $BE's revenue for 2020 guidance and beyond...
    If $BE management is reading this blog, we (the share-holders ) expect you - the Bloom Energy management to take full advantage of the great board that KR has put together, and that your PR/marketing team needs to get out there behind Jeff and other stars in the company speaking about your brand, your client use cases, and how it is positively impacting the can't be sitting silent in your silo when actively under attack from Shorts and their media machine!
    PS: To all my friends here on the Yahoo posts (you are all shareholders) - please like this post or provide comments so BE's management takes notice and get your feedback. I am sure someone from BE will be reading your comments over a cup of hot tea or coffee :)
    PS: In the last 60 seconds of the trading session today (Dec 10), someone bought 100,000 shares and that moved the stock from $5.13 to close at $5.18 (5 basis point movement in 60 seconds alone) in spite of all the shorts pressure and overall negative sentiments in the markets today..that may indicate how much of an upside there is in the $BE stock...the daily volume is >$2M.. a little spark can (and soon will) create a huge rally...shorts will panic creating a feedback loop..I am expecting the spark moment to be in the week of Dec 15 , unless US-China deal news or some $BE significant order press release spooks the shorts sooner!
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    Plug Power Inc.
    I was reading an article in the Associated Press about Daimler splitting it's truck and bus division from their cars(Mercedes) and came across an interesting quote.

    "One reason for the spinoff is that the auto business and the truck business are pursuing different technologies as they seek to reduce vehicle emissions. The luxury car business is bringing out new battery-powered models, while the truck business is investing in hydrogen fuel cell technology."

    I'm already convinced with h2 tech and I think it will be widely used in cars as well but it's nice to see it being widely adopted by mainstream industry heavyweights not just the ones we hear alot about(hyliion, Nikola, etc).

    $plug, $fcel, $bldp, $be
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    $BE conversation
    $BE tested all sort of bad news ans short attacks at the company level and now at the overall market sentiment level, and it is still standing strong at $11+ , shows its resiliency and upside. Added $BE long positions to my portfolio, expecting price jump post earning statements as the fear of bad news is bigger than any bad news (on the contrary expecting good news in terms of PG&E and management guidance, as Qtr1 -2020 is almost there..) !
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    $PLUG conversation
    A lot of conversation here about the comparison of $PLUG and $BE market cap. Some argue they should be similar because of the shared relationship with SK (among other things). I would encourage those to consider Total Addressable Market or TAM - BE has a much narrower service/product offering than PLUG - therefore, if both of them achieved 50% of their target markets, BE would still be smaller than PLUG, by revenue and market cap.
    I am not bashing on BE (though I believe PLUG is better positioned) - both are going to do well as the markets rotate into this sector...
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    $BE conversation
    $BE downward pressure seems to be based on the fact that their insider management (COO, CTO and GC) sold their stocks on Jan 28 through Jan 29. Although it is normal for company execs to sell their vested stocks on regular intervals because that is a major part of salary - the CTO (Venkataraman Swaminathan) seems to have sold more shares than his usual. Of course the short sellers are magnifying this news and dumping to push the pricing down on Friday (with Corona virus fear that has nothing to do with clean energy demand or use)
    What folks are failing to take a note is that the CEO, CFO and the Board Members who probably have the best knowledge of the company revenues and profitability outlook did not sell any shares. In fact, they seem to be adding or holding on to their stocks. $BE earnings and guidance are just a few days away - this may be a good opportunity to BUY on the dip and add to your positions!
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    $BE conversation
    Today was another strong day today for $BE .. 2.8M shares about 30% higher than average daily volume while pushing the stock up by more than one point the stock touched $6.83..Shorts threw everything to stop the around 3:15pm they dumped 200,000 shares within a few minutes, but no one panicked..the stock was resilient and stock came back up in no time. Shorts are trapped and soon their short squeeze will start pushing the stock to where it should be in double digits..what a change within 3 days..wall street is now taking the notice, soon everyone sitting on the sideline would want to join the party.. and it is just a beginning for a great ride ahead. Well done outsmarted shorts, and got them where they should be..and long term investors stand behind you..and our planet need this clean energy technology to be everywhere,..what a great fun, doing well while doing good for the planet:)
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    Feel for the weak hands that sold. When you see an immediate, sharp drop as we saw here with no news - it’s a total nonstarter. Usually a hedge fund/institutional manipulation to take out stops and accumulate more shares at a discount.
    Likely will end up finishing near green today - despite being due for a pullback. Strong fundamentals for APPS.

    I’d also advise snapping up some Bloom Energy $BE shares. It’s posies to make a nice run up.