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Aon plc (AON)

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    Mr. St. Peter
    Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp. II
    $BFT longs, compare $AON finnancials to ours and tell me why we aren't trading at $250ps? it's because we are still a SPAC! patience... and you'll be rewarded. very, very
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    $AON conversation
    Target Raised by Wells Fargo Overweight USD 256 » USD 275
    Target Raised by Deutsche Bank Hold USD 196 » USD 205
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    $AON conversation
    Black Thursday Anniversary

    Today marks the 10th anniversary of Black Thursday, otherwise known as Joe's Big Lie. Ten years ago today, Joe Propati walked into the Houston office and announced Aon was closing the Houston ACS - after promising twelve employees from LA, and twelve from NY who relocated there to keep their jobs with Aon that "Aon has no intentions of closing the Houston ACS".

    And...Joe and Aon made no effort to make sure these twenty-four employees were given jobs elsewhere in the Houston office.

    That's how good Aon treats their employees.
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    $AON conversation
    176 if anyone cares to remember anymore
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    $AON conversation
    Aon "India" isn't too happy either -

    Below is a recent posting from Glassdoor dot com

    Doesn't Recommend
    Negative Outlook
    Disapproves of CEO
    I worked at Aon (More than a year)
    No pros in configuration work. You are dead in IT if you do such a work even as a fresher. They are making fresher's sign bond now lol as experienced people don't join them and fresher's also leave in frustration because their life is made miserably hell using continuous bombardment of emails.

    They pay some experienced people a little more so that they do not get other job as they won't already as skills accor…
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    Seniors if biased from you irritate people to an extent that they are mentally tortures, if the person still copes it up,they kick people off using Improvement plan wherein they kick off people in 1 month if they do not improve. Obviously they don't improve.

    If you don't work 12 hours u are not working good, if you work 8 hours i.e syandard time your performance is zero according to them.
    Advice to Management
    Go to hell you managers.. who are eating Aon from inside since past 10-11 years.. these people are very old at AON and in ground reality their job is to irritate most of the subordinates to show their performance.
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    $AON conversation
    Comments by most reviews on Glassdoor - employees are under-paid and generally leave after a short stint- just learned that one of my old colleagues from more than a few years ago (six figure income) got tired of the Case BS rules and jumped ship in 2015. You do not do that unless things are really bad. BTW - what the hell is the hockey team doing for revenue?
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    $AON conversation
    You KNOW it's Christmas when....

    ....Aon announces another layoff. Yep....Aon just advised the employees of the recently acquired firm of Stroz Friedberg who's losing their job.'s the lower level IT help desk of Stroz Friedberg that's going first.
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    $AON conversation
    We are back to the dividend we received in 1996.
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    $AON conversation
    Seems the new Aon employees from Stroz Friedberg are quickly finding out about what life at Aon will be like. No more paid parking (something Stroz Friedberg did pay for), getting to start over at earning vacation time, etc. Welcome to life in he**
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    $AON conversation
    Return on Equity is 24.5%. Looks like $AON outperformed the industry last year
    Can Aon plc (AON) Continue To Outperform Its Industry?
    Aon plc (NYSE:AON) delivered 24.5% ROE in the last year.
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    $AON conversation
    So...a friend of mine that works for Stroz Friedberg told me that they just found out about the Aon buy-out.

    Told him....Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Welcome to the Borg.
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    $AON conversation
    This is BS. Time for a stock split and increase the dividend.
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    $AON conversation
    Exclusive: Aon nears $4.5 billion sale of benefits outsourcing unit - sources
    Insurance broker Aon Plc (AON.N) is in advanced talks to sell its employee benefits outsourcing unit to buyout firm Clayton Dubilier & Rice LLC for nearly $4.5 billion, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.
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    $AON conversation
    My annual share of a holiday classic .....


    Every colleague at Aon liked Christmas alot.
    But the Case, who lived just north in Chicago, did not.
    The Case hated Christmas, the whole expense driven season.
    Oh Please don't ask why, I don't quite know the reason.
    It may be because his belt was too tight.
    It may be because his head was McKinsied all right.
    But I think that the most likely reason of all
    Was that that it meant Holiday Bonuses, not small.

    But whatever the reason, his belt or McKinsey
    The Case stood there Christmas eve hating the whimsy.
    For tomorrow he knew they were all expecting to see
    Quite rather large paychecks expressly from ME.
    Of writing those checks he could not allow.
    Of that he was certain, the problem was HOW.

    Then a thought came along, an evil idea.
    Another restructuring program justlike last year.
    The numbers were good, but stock price was up
    But those expense items still had to be cut.

    So he called in dear Christa,
    a woman of fact to find out new ways
    to trim down the fat.

    "The Payroll is down through workforce reductions,
    eliminating many redundant job functions.
    We've cut here and there, and cut through the night,
    wiped out whole departments, yet nothing is right.
    For thousands are still on the books, don't you see.
    We've got to get it down to a count of just three."

    So the very next day at the quarterly call,
    the Case made an announcement ending it all.

    "The jobs here are gone, we'll offshore the lot,
    to India and China and maybe Bangkok.
    Of here there is nothing, and once overseas,
    it's cheaper and faster and better, you'll see."

    And with safe harbor statements legally binding,
    the Case closed the call while others were finding
    That if Christmas carried slightly less cheer ...
    they could afford to be patient, there was always next year.
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    Warren of Wall St
    $AON conversation
    Aon has some exciting earnings growth coming up 🚀🚀🚀 $AON
    Aon (NYSE:AON) - Fundamentals Analysis
    Aon (NYSE:AON): Solid dividend payer in a healthy financial position but moderate value and growth potential. Simply Wall St is a free app which gives investors access to institutional quality data and analysis presented in beautiful visual reports.