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AutoNation, Inc. (AN)

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    $CVNA conversation
    Autonation $AN, makes $20B revenue and a small profit, their market cap is ~$5B. Carvana makes $4B rev, no profits and its market cap is like $30B. Unsustainable price for the industry imo, just like Wayfair.
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    $AN conversation
    $AN yesterday's announcement of annual report gives a picture of the firm’s past year performance.
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    $AN conversation
    Trump sending most of the AN customers home ... hard to see that as bullish.
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    $TRXC conversation
    I hope that all of you IDIOTS who bullied and badgered me are happy.....I backed up my talk by shorting 4,657,500 shares at $an average of 4.82. You ALL said I was an idiot !! Some of you made slurs about my sexual preference or about the size of my digit. Who's laughing now ????????
    I have been silenced long enough. I am WOMAN.....hear me ROAR !!