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Expect a Crypto Gift This Christmas if You Are an American

·Lesedauer: 2 Min.

BlockFi survey tagged “Real Talk: Happy HODLdays,” which was conducted among over 1,250 US residents in October, shows that one in ten Americans is planning to give crypto as a gift to their loved ones during this holiday.

However, despite all the noise surrounding Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a survey on preferred holiday gifts for Americans shows that it’s far from being the choice gift of many.

Bitcoin for the Holidays

Bitcoin was by far the top choice for most people, with 75% of respondents who wish to give or receive crypto choosing it their preferred option. The other digital assets that complete the top three list are Dogecoin and Ether

On the other hand, NFTs are still far below the pecking order, with only 2% of respondents considering giving or receiving it as a gift.

This survey reveals that despite the popular perception of NFTs becoming mainstream, it’s still far from being accepted by most people. Even those who are open to Cryptocurrencies, in general, are still skeptical about NFTs. However, while crypto has become a hot topic, there’s still a long way to go.

Less than a quarter of respondents know how to send cryptocurrencies. This shows a need for more education, and most people who wish to send or receive crypto as a gift would not do so.

Expect More Crypto Purchases in 2022

Beyond plans for their holiday gifts, BlockFi also asked residents to discuss their new year plans. One-third of millennials plan to buy crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ether and Doge in 2022, but only 25% of older generations have the same plan. 

For NFTs, only 15% of respondents intend to buy this asset next year, and one notable thing is that most people born after 1997 prefer buying Dogecoin to Ether.

A similar survey was also conducted in Australia, and here, a quarter of crypto users in the country plan to gift crypto to their loved ones during the holiday.

This article was originally posted on FX Empire


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